GUOSHI Micro Finance is an Internet micro finance brand owned by Bank of Communications (the fifth largest bank in China).

GUOSHI Micro Finance is an Internet micro finance brand for small and micro groups.
The logo is composed of several dots representing small and micro groups. The colorful collection of dots embodies the vigour and cohesive force of the brand. The two leaves in the logo, which represent life, growth and hope, imply that the wealth of investors will blossom and bear fruit under the financial management platform of the GUOSHI Micro Finance. The line in the logo originates from the fiber which symbolizes the network, it embodies the Internet attribute of the brand. Process the “G” of the GUOSHI spelling initials into an upward arrow, symbolizes that the GUOSHI Micro Finance is a financial investment platform for the growth and harvest of wealth.

The logo expresses the fruit in abstract form, the pattern of the logo is smart, the color is bright, the form is changeable in practical use, it is a dynamic symbol full of vitality.


交通银行总行 Bank of Communication

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