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哈密师范学校是位于中国新疆的一所维汉族共建的师范学校。标识由哈密师范学校英文缩写HMN组成, H的形式代表维汉两种文化在学校的汇聚融合。M被设计成书本的形式,象征着知识。N被设计成俯视的金字塔的形式,寓意阶梯状的进步。在中国文化中,树是教育的象征,十年树木,百年育人。标识通过线条的组合,巧妙地将树的形状隐藏于标识中,树在标识中并不容易被发现,但正是这样一个趣味化的设计理念让人知道什么是教育:当有人告诉你,树在其中, 一旦你发现,再次看到这个标识的时候,树永远记忆在你的脑海里,借此突出教育点化顿悟的特征。

Hami Normal School is located in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region who is co-built by the Uyghurs and the Han Chinese to cultivate teachers of Chinese teaching. The logo is made up by the HMN, abbreviations of Hami Normal School. H is a symbol of fusion and converge of two culture. M is designed a form of book to symbolize knowledge. N holds a meaning of stair-type development with the form of bird’s-eye pyramid. In Chinese culture, the tree is a symbol of education. The processus that a tree grows from small to large seems like the processus of training people talented. Through the composition of lines, the logo hides the tree-shape smartly and hard to find out. Once discovered, the tree remains in your mind. You will never forget the tree the next time you lay eyes on it.


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